Planet One Reality produces training, touring and therapy experiences using virtual reality. We combine the world of reality and digital, using fully immersive computer-generated animation, 360 videos and 360 photographic tours. We have worked with a variety of industries to provide them with a virtual reality service, we have worked with the medical sector to help provide them with VR surgery training.


VR surgery is transforming surgical training and assessment. The need for surgery is growing, this and other factors are contributing to a 34,000 to 88,000 surgeon shortage by 2025, and 30% of people are unable to operate independently after their graduation. Our VR surgery service will be able to put users in a scenario where they have to perform a surgery virtually, we can replicate the environment and tools that are needed to complete the surgery as if it was real.  


Did you know that VR surgery has a 17% higher emotional reaction than 360 degree video, a 27% higher reaction than 2D video, it also engages users for 34% longer in VR than standard 2D video. Simulation is a way for surgeons to practice but it is expensive and can only show one procedure. However, VR surgery is more accessible, effective and affordable, it allows surgeons to perform simple to complex operations with just a headset and two motion controllers.


In a recent study by Western Orthopaedic Association it is show that medical students who were given VR surgery trained completed it 20% faster and complete 3% more steps correctly than those in the traditionally trained group. We can create a custom-made VR surgery app that allows medical students to train virtually.


If you require any of our virtual reality services, get in touch with our team today, we are happy to answer any of your questions!