Planet One Reality  was created in 2018 by Katie Houghton and Graham Lamb after working together through CorrMed to create a hand hygiene app for the healthcare market. Planet One Reality focus is on virtual reality (also known as VR) development activities for numerous industries in the UK but specialise in virtual reality safety training.


Virtual reality safety training offers a fully customised immersive environment that can help meet learning goals. It also allows the user to interact with different environments and activities whilst measuring the users progress. We can create bespoke VR safety training solutions or off the shelf/adapted VR apps for your business in the UK. VR safety training has a 17% higher emotional reaction compared to a flat video and engages the users 24% longer.


By choosing a VR safety training software, the user will be able to learn in a realistic but controlled area to fix easy or complex solutions. A VR safety training software is a perfect solution that allows you to train new starters or offer refreshers sessions for long-serving employees, or ongoing training for the company in the UK.


Planet One Reality offers both off the shelf training products as well as bespoke training designs for various industries in the UK. Recent developments have shown that VR safety training is not just for expensive businesses with deep pockets, SME’s, in the UK, can now take advantage of VR training as part of their regular health and safety programmes.


With standard training in the UK, a trainer will explain a process as the trainees take notes then practise afterwards. However with VR safety training, we will be able to transport you to any chosen setting like a fire or a vehicle. With high quality VR goggles body movement can be recreated into virtual reality, like the training in the real world.


Are you interested in implementing VR safety training to your workplace in the UK? Get in touch with our team today!