Planet One Reality was created in 2018 by Katie Houghton and Graham Lamb after working together to create a hand hygiene app for the medical industry. Planet One Reality focus is to provide virtual reality (also known as VR) development activities for numerous industries, but we specialise in virtual reality medical training through our work wtih CorrMed Limited.


Virtual Reality is a realistic simulation of a 3D environment that is created using interactive software and hardware to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations to simulate a user’s physical presence in this environment. Planet One Reality are able to custom build VR solutions or VR apps.  VR medical training has started to become more popular due to professionals in the medical sector being amazed by the different applications.


Did you know that students in the traditional education group scored an average of 73% in a final test, whereas a group using VR scored an average of 93%. If you was to start VR medical training, you may score better due to VR being more interactive and efficient. 


With VR medical training you can learn new life-saving techniques that will help train the new generation of professionals in the medical field. VR medical training allows you to transport yourself to different medical scenarios, allowing you to access areas that may be impossible to reach.


Usually, medical students will train with cadavers, mannequins or other training software. With our VR medical training software, it allows us to replicate the real world, allowing students to use the tools they would need to use in real life. VR medical training is now so advanced that some medical schools now use it in their curriculum.


VR medical training allows students to develop their medical skills in a safe environment. They can learn procedures in a fully immersive situation, allowing them to keep practising until they can do the procedure flawlessly and quickly. Normally, through medical school, the first couple of years are based in a classroom environment, allowing no hands-on experience. With VR medical training students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment to complete complex surgeries.


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