Planet One Reality produces training, touring and therapy experiences using virtual reality.


We combine the world of reality and digital, using fully immersive computer generated animation, 360° videos and 360° photographic tours.

We offer an eco-friendly solution to training and touring; no travel, no environmental impact, low cost. A fully immersive, intimate virtual experience which emotionally engages emulating true reality in a portable environment.

What is Virtual Reality Education?

VR Education is a simulated experience that places the user in a virtual environment they can interact with, this environment can be whatever your school, university, business training choose. VR education allows the users to experience and interact with the surroundings and complete various tasks virtually that they may not be able to do in the real world. 

VR education, in the UK, allows abstract concepts or situations that may not be available anymore, but can be replicated through VR, this opens up possibilities that may not exists.

Benefits of VR Education

There are many benefits of VR education, with some still being discovered today. Humans learn by interacting, we are able to derive and retain information from certain environments. With VR education, virtual based learning provides an immersive teaching method. Recent studies have shown that memory retention increases through interactivity.


Did you know with VR Education

  • There is a 17% higher emotional reaction than a flat 360° video?

  • There is also a 27% higher reaction compared to 2D videos

  • Users engage with VR for 34% longer than a standard video. .


Sounds all a bit pricey

We have created a VR platform which can be used on a mobile headset, so your VR classroom isn't limited to your computer suite. It can be shared rather like a library book.


We have a number of pre-developed education apps which we can made available on your headset for just a small licnece cost.


For bespoke VR educations courses, we have an extensive library of software we can re-use and excellent parners both in UK and overseas who will help us ensure the budget is kept real!

Interested in starting virtual reality education at your school or university in the UK? Get in touch with us!