Katie Houghton and Graham Lamb created Planet One Reality in 2019 after working together on hand hygiene VR apps for the healthcare marketing in the UK. Planet One Reality now offers a variety of VR training activities for numerous industries, working with universities, commercial businesses, charities and the public sector.


With our VR apps, we aim to create realistic scenarios that are specific to the industry you are in and the employees work role. Our VR apps are fully controllable allowing you to create any experiences that may occur in real life with no danger to the person taking the training course. Any incidents that you want to include in your virtual reality environment, we can replicate.


Did you know that we already have some VR apps ready to go? These VR apps have been made already but still can be customised for your business. One of our VR apps is for fire safety training, this will put you into a real building fire, letting you practice fire drills in real time. The app will also show the trainees response time and accuracy.


Do you have presentation nerves? We have created the perfect VR app for you! Our VR presentation skills app will allow you to overcome your fear of presenting in front of a crowd and practice your pace and delivery. The app will allow you to add your business logo and your own presentation notes making it feel like a real-life presentation! You will also receive presentation feedback when you’ve finished.


One of our VR apps is Vaccination Distraction Therapy which allows patients to overcome the fear of vaccinations and relaxes them. This app is not just for children, but also works for teenagers and adults.


Get in touch with us today if you need more information! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have.