• Katie, from Planet One Reality

Hand washing game. What a project!

This has been the most rewarding and fun project.

When lockdown happened here in the UK, like many others we were wondering what on earth we can do to help. Everyone in business seemed to be in a panic. At Planet One Reality, Graham and I decided to pause our usual work and instead focus our efforts on a new project, 'Hand Wash Squad'.

Luckily we had an incredible partner, Tipitap, who are really experienced in creating games for children. Also, i have spent many decades working with Infection Control teams around the world, so it didn't take me long to find some generous sponsors.

We had Tracey Gauci as our Clinical Director. What a blast from the past it was to be working with Tracey again. We had GAMA Healthcare, GOJO Industries and CorrMed all sponsoring. There was a great team spirit, all of us with the same aim... to release a game for young children, educating them on the basic principles of hand washing.

We are now finally ready to have friends and family beta test, and then we will start telling the world about the game.

It has been translated into many languages, is free to use and download, there are no in-app purchases etc. It has also been endorsed by the Infection Prevention Society (UK).

Happy gaming everybody

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