• Katie, from Planet One Reality

Benefits of VR Safety Training

VR safety training offers a fully customised immersive environment that can help meet learning goals. It also allows the user to interact with different environments and activities whilst measuring the users progress. We can create bespoke VR safety training solutions or off the shelf/adapted VR apps for your business in the UK.

One benefit of VR safety training is that it has a 17% higher emotional reaction compared to a flat video and engages the users 24% longer.

If you are working with moving vehicles/trains or working at heights it can be difficult to train some workers on a real site. Classroom learning can also lack a sense of realism and learners may not develop the increased level of hazard awareness that is needed when working on site. With VR safety training, we can bridge the gap between classroom and onsite training! For example, we have recently worked on a VR project for work on wind turbine maintenance, this allowed the trainees to work remotely and safely.

VR is no longer just for businesses with deep pockets or facing high risks, with have made our VR safety training software affordable for anyone. Recently, a lot of SMEs are taking advantage of VR training as a part of their health and safety programmes.

Our VR safety training software is completely tailored by you! Whatever you need we will be able to sort. As our software is bespoke we can create realistic environments that you might face in your line of work.

With standard training in the UK, a trainer will explain a process as the trainees take notes then practise afterwards. However with VR safety training, we will be able to transport you to any chosen setting like a fire or a vehicle. With high quality VR goggles body movement can be recreated into virtual reality, like the training in the real world.

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