Planet One Reality was founded by Katie Houghton and Graham Lamb in 2019. After working together to create a hand hygiene app for the healthcare market in the UK, Katie and Graham wanted to offering VR training activities for numerous industries. We work with small to medium enterprise, universities, charities and the public sector to create fully immersive VR training and therapy, 360° virtual tour and virtual digital media solutions.


KatieHoughton - Commercial & Operations

25 years owning and managing software companies, both building bespoke web systems for commercial business as well as leading a global infection surveillance software business for 20 years.


Clients have included Peugeot Motor Cars, Alton Towers and too many hospitals around the world to mention. 

GrahamLamb - Virtual Technologies

A systems engineer and application developer with a strong background in all aspects of training. This has included work within the aerospace, flight simulation and 360° media development sectors, along with service support to Google for their 'Business View' virtual tour services.

Graham delivers all the 360° medial work himself to ensure the best quality. VR development takes focus and time, so Graham works with an experienced team of VR specialists based both in UK and internationally  to help deliver our projects.

Virtual reality is now being used to revolutionise training in any industry in the UK. It is a realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D environment that is created using interactive software and hardware to create realistic images. We have helped many companies, in the UK, with our VR training software, creating work scenarios where employees can learn skills and procedures.


With our virtual reality training service, we aim to create realistic scenarios that are specific to the industry you are in and the employees work role. Our virtual reality training UK service is fully controllable so you can create any experiences that may occur in real life with no danger to the person taking the training course. Any incidents that you want to include in your virtual reality training course we can replicate.


Planet One Reality’s virtual reality training service is a hands-on experience. We understand that more training workshops come with an expensive cost, safety and other logistical issues. Our virtual reality training UK service allows the trainee to experience these challenging tasks whilst being safe.


Did you know that virtual reality training has a 17% higher emotional reaction than a flat 360° video, a 27% higher reaction than 2D video and engages users for 34% longer than a standard 2D video. To get the best results or experienced staff to join your team, choose our virtual reality training UK service!